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Digihome 48FHDSFVPT2

Digihome 48FHDSFVPT2 is a 48 inch TV on black for those interested in a smart model with Freeview Play, Netflix and other services. It can be connected to the Internet via Ethernet port or wireless (this is more common because it’s easier to use).

Digihome 48FHDSFVPT2

It has a price that is very good price and for the money we get a wall mountable TV (supports Vesa 200×200 standard) that can be used for content from any source.


A TV like Digihome 48FHDSFVPT2 has a smart Operating System and because we have access to Netflix, Youtube, Freeview Play, Facebook and others.
The resolution is 1080p so that you can watch content at the best quality. And, if you want to watch Freeview channels you can watch them at HD quality.
It can be mounted on a wall an by doing this you can free up space in the living room.
The device has many connections including 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. Because of the HDMI ou can connect a Blu-ray player or a gaming console and the USB allows you to record programs on sticks or watch movies from them.
Sound is ok, but for better experience wen watching movies I recommend an 2.1 (or) better audio system. It can be connected to one of the 3 HDMIs.


I don’t like that it does not have Android OS or 4K resolution. The OS from Google has more apps and the Chrome browser. About the 4K resolution ou must know that it will be the new standard in the years to come, but at the moment there is not so much 4K content and from the distance you don’t see the difference between 4K and FHD.


The 48FHDSFVPT2 model is very good for someone interested in something cheap, easy to use and with good image quality.
If ou don’t know too much info about the Digihome brand than ou must know that it’s manufactured by the same brand (Vestel UK) than makes Finlux, Star-Light, Horizon etc.

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