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Digihome 32273SFVPT2HD

Digihome 32273SFVPT2HD is a Smart TV with HD resolution for those who want to enjoy entertainment from various sources. Because of the integrated wireless you can connect it to the Internet without any cable… if you have a router.
Such a TV is perfect for the living room adn the lack of 4K or FHD resolutions is not important because from the distance you don’t see the difference.

Digihome 32273SFVPT2HD

This Digihome TV has a good price considering the included features.


The energy consumption is low because of the LED screen. SO the energy effciency class is A.
It has many inputs and the most important ones are USB and HDMI (2 of those). USB can be used for watching movies from USB sticks and HDMI can be used for connecting laptops or video cameras. Also it has Scart for some who want to connect an old video recorder or something like this.
It can be wall mounted because it has the Vesa 200×200 standard. By mounting it on the wall you can have more space.
Refresh rate is normal – 50Hz. This is the standard refresh rate for most TVs.
Has digital tuner so that you can see Freeview HD. The tuner is of type DVB C/T.
The Operating System is Digihome Smart Centre and includes many apps like eBay, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Youtube etc. Also the browser allows you to surf any site. This TV can be connected from a smartphone (that can iOS or Android) by using the Digihome Smart Centre app, but more on this in the user manual.


The resolution is HD Ready. From the distance you don’t see any difference, but from 1m you can see that’s not 1080p or 4k.
I would like to see Android as the main OS on this TV.


If you want a simple TV that can be used to enjoy TV shows and movies from any source than this Digihome 32273SFVPT2HD would be great.
The Digihome brand is a well known one in the UK because of its very good TVs.

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