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Dell XPS 13 9360 (XPS9360-7803SLV-PUS)

The Dell XPS 13 9360 (XPS9360-7803SLV-PUS) is one of the best 13.3 inch laptops on the market because of the components and the build quality. This Dell XPS 13 XPS9360-7803SLV-PUS integrates 7th generation i7 processor, Thunderbolt port, SSD and 8GB of RAM memory.

Dell XPS 13 9360 (XPS9360-7803SLV-PUS)

It has a good price. For this money we get a good looking device with great portability and performance.
From the below image you can see how it looks like and at the end there is a video review of this device.


The battery life is “epic” because it lasts about 12 hours at 1080p resolution and 9 hours for QHD+ (3200 x 1800). Keep in mind that there are many derivations of this XPS9360… so battery life might be different. But, still… more than 9 hours is… insane.
The screen quality is very good because of the good resolution – QHD+. Movies and images will be a delight on this notebook.
The processor of this model is a 7 generation i7-7560U, but there are models with i3, i5 and Kaby Lake R i7 (model i7-8550U).
It has low voltage DDR memory and this is one cause why the battery lasts so much. It has 8GB of LPDDR3 memory.
Because of the SSD everything runs smooth. The main benefit of an SSD above an HDD is the low power consumption and the performance (it’s more than 10 times faster).


The screen is not 4K and the RAM memory is not DDR4. As said above, Dell opted for a memory with low power consumption. About the screen not being 4K (UHD) I must say that more than 1080p for a 13.3 inch screen makes no sense for home use.


For those interested in a device that has a nice design, good portability and the newest components I recommend this XPS 13.
There are many derivations of this model and there is even a touch screen model for those who need this functionality. Such a screen could be handy in professional use where you need to take the laptop in hands and access fast some data.

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