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Dell Inspiron 7000 YRV46, Full HD IPS Gaming Laptop

This Dell Inspiron 7000 is also named YRV46 and it is the perfect desktop replacement because of the large screen, advanced hardware, numerous features and the weights is acceptable. I am talking about a 2.8 kg laptop with decent build quality that is offered by a well-known brand. This is a new series with modern components but some are present even on older models. A newer hardware is really expensive and performance is the same in most applications (it depends on how you use the laptop).

Dell Inspiron 7000 YRV46, Full HD IPS Gaming Laptop


Inside you will get two decent gaming components – the Core i7-7700HQ CPU and the GTX 1050Ti. The performance is quite decent and the cooling system is very important, so inside temperatures must remains constant. So you shouldn’t look for a very thin laptop and the air vents must be large enough. There is no need for a cooling stand because there is enough space under its chassis, but an expensive stand can reduce temperatures on its bottom.

There is no need for an upgrade because it has a decent storage, fast SSD, 16GB RAM memory and the rest of the hardware is integrated, so it can’t be replaced like on a PC. Windows 10 Home can be upgraded to a better version if you need something different (I am talking about Windows 10 Pro). The price is reasonable because we are talking a different series, not a mainstream one with only one cooling fan. You can connect a TV for media playback or any other peripheral that you can use for gaming sessions.


Nothing to complain because we are talking about a portable and compact device with many ports, decent battery life and two types of drives.


Dell Inspiron 7000 YRV46 can be used like a multimedia device because it comes with a common software – preinstalled Windows 10, so you get a decent media support. It looks like most gaming laptops and there is a dual-cooling system that is very efficient. Avoid laptops without a SSD because they are really slow and the performance is easy to see, no matter what you do.

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