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Dell Inspiron 5000 YY17C

Dell Inspiron 5000 YY17C is the i7 alternative to this one and because of this component it has better performance.
This laptop from the Inspiron 15 5570 series is one with good performance and is for those interested in a device that not only looks good but also has the newest components.

Dell Inspiron 5000 YY17C


The i7 processor model 8550U is one that has 4 cores and is from the 8th series known as the Kaby Lake Refresh. This CPU has a GPU integrated – Intel HD Graphics that can handle any movie or not so demanding games.
For a little more demanding video tasks this laptop comes with the Radeon 530 graphics card that has 4GB of RAM. This is an entry level graphics card from the 3rd class.
On the Display part everything is good with a 15.6 inch screen that has FHD resolution and matte finish. Because of the matte finish (anti-glare) this device is also good for professinal use.
For storage it has a big SSD with 256GB. Such a drive is much better than a “traditional” HDD because of the speed, that it’s silend and low power consumer.
Battery can last up to 6 hours and weight is about 1.84kg so that you get the best portability.
On the connectivity part everything is great with wireless ac (dual band) and bluetooth 4.1.


Like other modern laptops this does not have an optical drive meaning that programs can be downloaded from the web or installed from USB sticks.
Screen resolution is not 4K, it’s only FHD. But, you can watch 4K movies on an external screen or TV.


A laptop such as Dell Inspiron 5000 YY17C is considered an ultrabook and is for those who want something reliable at a decent cost.
Dell is an American brand for those interested in a device that is very reliable and does not cost a fortune. Compared to other laptops it costs a little more, but it’s lighter (in terms of weight) and the case is better.

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