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Dell Inspiron 5000 N24T6

Dell Inspiron 5000 N24T6 is a laptop for those interested in a device that has the newest components and a good portability (with a weight of 1.8kg). It is powered by the quad core i5-8250U processor that not only is energy efficient but has good performance (it’s the equivalent of desktop CPUs).

Dell Inspiron 5000 N24T6


Portability is very good because of the 1.84 kg weight and of the battery that can last up to 6 hours depending for what you use it or the power plan that is chosen.
It comes with a dedicated (discrete) graphics card that has Radeon 530 chip with 2GB of dedicated memory.
On the memory side it has 8GB of RAM DDR4 and a big capacity HDD (1TB). If you need more memory than you can extend it or even use cloud storage.
To the Internet it can be connected via wireless ac (this is wi-fi dual band) or LAN. The first way is the simplest but the second one is the most stable.
For software it comes with Windows 10 Home meaning that you get not only the newest hardware but software too.
You can use a wireless/bluetooth mouse because it has bluetooth 4.1. A good mouse would be the MS 1850. I own one and I like it very much.


Does not have an optical drive, but having many USB ports you can install another OS from external drives (external DVD drive or USB sticks).
The processor powering this notebook PC could have been an i7 one or one with more cores. A good model with i7 is this one.


Dell Inspiron 5000 variation N24T6 is a laptop suitable for tasks that need much processing power and because of that it’s considered to be a multimedia laptop for games, video processing, CAD an other demanding tasks.

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  • Ari

    I bought an Inspiron 15 and I don’t regret it. It was a little more expensive than Asus or HP laptops but it’s lightweight and programs run fast. I recommend Dell laptops to those who have a medium budget and want to buy a quality PC.

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