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Dell Inspiron 5000 17 5770 (D2NK1), laptop with Pentium 4415U CPU

Dell Inspiron 5770 is part of the Inspiron 5000 series, but his model has a bigger screen then most of the laptops. It is a cheap laptop with decent specs and I am talking about the following: Pentium 4415U, 4GB RAM memory and 1TB HDD. This series offers many configurations, even with high-end Core i7 CPU and smaller screen. I think the 13 inch screen is too small for home use if you got only this laptop, but you can connect a monitor whenever you want using a HDMI cable.

Dell Inspiron 5000 17 5770 (D2NK1), laptop with Pentium 4415U CPU


This laptop is also called D2NK1 and is one of many models that you should consider buying. The Pentium 4415U is a decent Dual Core solution for most users. Most of the time you will browse the web or use an office application, so you don’t need a very expensive hardware. This new series offers great features and depends on the chosen model.

The screen resolution is great for watching high quality content and you don’t have to zoom every time you read something or look at pictures. It has a light design with most ports on the left side so you can easily use a mouse. You will find a generous number of ports on this series: USB 2.0, USB 3.1, USB type C, HDMI, LAN. Its optical drive is kind of useless because USB ports are much faster and USB sticks are really compact and easy to carry.


Nothing to complain, it’s a good value laptop and you could consider even a more powerful model if you want it for many years.


This Dell Inspiron 5770 can help you every day if you are satisfied by a 17.3 inch screen and its specs. Other series are different and you can see it by their design. The price tag is very important if you got a specific budget and you don’t want to exceed it. You need other peripherals even if it has a lot of features. I mean that you need a mouse, wireless router and a compact printer.

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