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Dell i7577-5241BLK-PUS

Dell i7577-5241BLK-PUS is an Inspiron laptop for gaming. It is powered by an 7th generation i5-7300HQ processor that has 4 cores and on the graphics part it has GTX 1060 (6GB).
This Dell Inspiron 15-7577 from the 15 7000 series includes an SSD where the OS is pre-installed.

Dell i7577-5241BLK-PUS

Because it has a good price I think that this notebook is a best buy.


This Dell Inspiron i7577-5241BLK-PUS is a laptop with i5 quad core that has 2.5 Ghz for maximum performance in any task.
The storage is represented by an SSD and an HDD that combines have a capacity of 1.1 TB (128 GB of the Solid State and 1 TB of the hard).
Image and viewing angles are perfect because of the IPS panel and the 1080p resolution. Even the diagonal is one of 15.6 inch.
On the “soft side” this device has Windows 10 Home preinstalled and because of that this laptop is ready to be used from the first time you unbox it.
The standard RAM memory is 8GB and we’re talking about DDR4. Maybe in the future you want to add another 8GB so that you have 16GB, but only if RAM is not enough for your tasks.


Portability is not that great with a weight of 2.6 kg and a batter that lasts up to 4 hours. I think because this model is not an ultrabook I think that the portability is not an issue.
The processor is not i7 and because of that I recommend this i7 model as an alternative. The alternative also has UHD/4K screen. 😉
The display is not a 4K one, but you can connect an external monitor to see movies at 4K or even play at 4K.


If you’re interested in a device that looks good and has very good perfoamnce in any taks and in special in geames thant this Dell 7577 model would be for you.
Below is a video preview so that you can see how this device looks like and you can do with it.

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