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Dell Inspiron i7570-7817SLV-PUS

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS is a modern Inspiron 7570 laptop with 15.6 inch screen, i7 Kaby Lake U processor, Nvidia 940MX graphics and touch display.
About this device I must say that it’s a premium one for those interested in a premium PC good for everything.

Dell Inspiron i7570-7817SLV-PUS

Dell Inspiron 15 7570 has a good price. And, for this money we get the newest technology available on the market.


It can be upgraded with SSD. Better said it has an M.2 SSD support for faster speeds.
The screen is beautiful because of the screen resolution (1920×1080 pixel) and the IPS panel (has good viewing angles and colors).
It incorporates a 7 generation i7 processor (model i7-8550U) that has low power consumption and 4 cores.
A laptop like this one has good memor because we talk about 8GB of DDR4 memory and an 1TB hybrid HDD.
Such a laptop can be upgraded with more RAM because it has 1 RAM slot free from the 2.


This Dell Inspiron 15 i7570 model does not come with an optical drive because it’s not useful.
The portability is not so great, the battery lasting from 2 to 4 hours max. And, the weight is about 2kg (4.4 pounds).
The screen is glossy, and I don’t like it.


For those interested in a laptop alternative to an ultrabook that will be used at home I recommend this Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS, but if you look at something with the best portability than you should go with a Dell XPS 9360.

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  • mark

    I saw some reviews and benchmarks of this laptop and I must say that I’m impressed about what it can do and how Dell evolved over the years. I remember my first Inspiron 15 that I bought about 7 years ago.
    The battery is not so good but we can’t complain since we want more performance and features. A thing that I don’t like is the batter life and that it has no numeric keypad on the right – I use numbers very much.

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