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Corsair One Pro Ti CS-9000009-UK

Corsair One Pro Ti CS-9000009-UK is a pre-made desktop computer for those interested in a gaming desktop or in a workstation. It has new components and everything is compatible so that we get a stable PC. Such a PC is for those who need a model that can handle anything.

Corsair One Pro Ti CS-9000009-UK

This Corsair CS-9000009-UK One Pro Ti has a good price. For this kind of money we get the newest components like a 7th generation i7 processor, GTX 1080 graphics card and M.2 SSD.


The processor powering this desktop is an i7-7700K (overclockable) with 4 cores and games would not run without a graphics card like the GTX 1080 Ti from Nvidia. This card has 11GB of RAM and can run any game at top settings. Keep in mind that there are games like PUBG or Assassin’s Creed that aren’t optimised for PC and don’t run so good on any PC, any configuration.
Memory is sufficient because we’re talking about 16GB of RAM DDR4, an 2TB hard drive and an 480GB SSD.
On the software side this desktop PC has Windows 10 Home pre-installed so that any program or game will run fluent and with no compatibility issue.
The motherboard is a MSI Z270 and the graphics card is a MSI Nvidia GTX 1080.
You don’t need to build a computer from scratch and waste time. You get the guarantee that all components are compatible.
It’s more powerful than any laptop on the market and costs less. Because of the special fans it is more quiet than a notebook.


You need to buy a monitor for it. I recommend that you buy a 24 inch one with 1080p resolution and IPS panel like this LG 24MP68VQ.
Does not come with any peripherals but depending on where you buy it the package may be different.


This desktop is for those that need a stable PC form movies, 1080p and 4K gaming or professional tasks/work.
A good video review can be seen from the clip below.

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