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Candy CSC9LF, 9Kg Sensor Dry Condenser Tumble Dryer

For those interested in having fast dried clothes I recommend the Candy CSC9LF. At this moment it has a great discount and because big 9kg capacity I think that it’s more than enough.

Candy CSC9LF, 9Kg Sensor Dry Condenser Tumble Dryer

Good Things

Sensor Dry is a technology which monitors the moisture levels in your clothes, and stops the cycle once they’re perfectly dry. This not only takes the best care of your garments, but also saves you time, avoids over-drying, and is kind on your bills, using just the right amount of energy.
14 drying programs, and with four dryness levels (Hanger Dry, Ready to Iron, Wardrobe Dry and Extra Dry).
Condenser dryers like this one do not require an external wall vent as the steam is drawn into the condensing chamber where it is converted back into water.

Candy is an European brand located in Italy and because of that we have a reliable device.

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