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Blaupunkt BLA-32/133O-WB-11B-EGDP-UK

For someone in search for a TV that has 32 inch and Freeview I recommend the Blaupunkt BLA-32/133O-WB-11B-EGDP-UK. It’s a cheap premium TV from a german manufacturer and the sound is as good as the image because of the JBL speakers.

Blaupunkt BLA-32/133O-WB-11B-EGDP-UK

If we look at the cost than we see that it has a good price. The cost is small because the device is loaded only with stuff that you need. Other models have 3D support, Tizen OS and HDR, but the average user does not need stuff like this.

It consumes not so much energy because it has A+ class with a energy consumption of 45 kWh per year.
The screen is a 32 inch one (about 81 cm) with a good panel and HD resolution. Because of the 1366×768 pixel resolution and the DVB-T tuner (Freeview) you can watch TV shows at best quality.
It is not a Smart TV but because of the many ports (3 HDMIs) you can connect a smart player with Android and wi-fi. Not being a Smart television it does not have Netflix, but this is not a big problem. The HDMI ports can be used to connect a Blu-ray player, The PC or other devices.

The good and the bad

The good things at this model are the german built quality, the good sound, that it has Freeview and the integrated USB player (with PVR recording function).
Things that I don’t like are the lack of a smart OS, that the resolution is not 4K and that it does not have the Netflix app.


So, if you want a cheap and good TV than this model would be my recommendation. It could be great for your parents or for the kids room. We know that old people are not really into gadgets and TVs with many functions.
BLA-32/133O-WB-11B-EGDP-UK is one of the cheapest models on the market but it’s for those who want something robust and with premium features for a low price. And, if you want something with a bigger screen than I recommend you the 49/235Z model.

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