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Beko WTG921B2W

Beko WTG921B2W is a washing machine for those who wash a lot or have a big family. Even the capacity is 9kg, the power consumption is low because of the A+++ energy efficiency class.
If you don’t know too much about the Beko brand than you should know that’s a premium brand present one the whole continent.

Beko WTG921B2W

It has a good price. And, for the money we get a washing machine that can be used at home or for business purposes.


It has Fuzzy Logic, meaning that the device has built in sensors that detect the quantity and according to that it supplies the resources (water, detergent, washing time).
Energy consumption is low and because of that the efficiency class is A+++ … on the power consumption part.
It has a fast programme (fast laundry days / daily quick programme) for those who want to wash something that is not so dirty. This program has 28 min. Also, it has another fast program named fast wash for a quantity of 2kg, and the time is 14 minutes.
DrumClean programme is a special one for removing bacteria for hygienic washing.
The noise level is as low as possible because when washing it’s 58 dB and when spinning it’s 73 dB.
If it where to talk about washing performance than we must say that it’s A rated and the spinning performance is B rated.


Does not have Eco Bubble like the models from Samsung, but efficiency is excellent.
The warranty is 1 year, but depends from where you buy it and the deal.


If you need a good washing machine at home than this Beko WTG921B2W would be great. It’s good for those with big or small families.
I saw on the product sticker that you need to register your product in order to receive the warranty.
Beko products are made by the same that makes Arctic products but the difference is that Beko is sold in the whole Europe and Arctic only in the Balkans.

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