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Beko WMV26W

For those who are on a tight budget but want a good washing machine I recommend the Beko WMV26W. It has A+ class energy efficiency, A class wash performance and a good 6 kg wash load.
So it is good for those who have a small family or live alone.

Beko WMV26W

It has a good price. If you don’t know about the Beko brand than I must tell you that it’s owned by a Turkish brand. The same that owns Arctic – a former romanian brand that now is sold in all Eastern Europe. The differences between Arctic and Beko ar that Beko is a premium brand sold in all Europe.


On the specifications part it has a spin speed of 1200 rpm, a 6 kilogram load capacity (of dry clothes), 15 programs (including the 14 min quick wash for 2 kg) and much more. (On the quick wash part it can wash a full capacity in 28 minutes or 2 kg in 14 minutes.)
I don’t know if you can tell from the dimensions but it’s a slim washing machine with a depth of 45 cm. So you save about 25% space.
It has something like Fuzzy Logic that automatically reduces the water level for small or half loads.
You can delay the start with 3h, 6h or 9h. So you can wash when you want.
It’s made out of good materials. For example the drum is made of stainless steel. This is a common material used at drums.
On the safety part it has overflow protection and electromecanic security door lock.
If for some reason you need to adjust the height or the feet than you must know that this Beko WMV26 White has 4 adjustable feet.

The good and the bad

Per year it consumes about 194 kWh and 8800 l of water so you can see that its very efficient. The efficiency classes are B for spinning, A for washing and A+ for energy consumption.
The price is low and because that it’s one of the cheapest washing machines on the market.
A thing that I don’t like is that the control panel does not have a LED display and touch controls.

As a conclusion I must say that this brand makes good appliances that have many features. You can use if a family that has up to 5 members and if you plan to replace your old machine with this than you’ll see smaller electricity bills.

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