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Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FC300T

Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FC300T is an ultrabook with a 13.3 inch diagonal and a battery that lasts very long. From the start I must say that this model is a premium one recommended for business purposes or even at home for someone interested in something special.

Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FC300T

It has a good price and for this money we get a device that has a very good portability and excelent performance. How it looks like can be sen from the image below. As you can see on the right side it does not have a numeric keypad. This would have been useful for accounting stuff, but if you really want this feature than you should bu an USB numeric keypad.


It has Windows 10 pre-installed and because of that we get a laptop with good Operating System. It’s the best Microsoft can offer and it’s very secure and easy to use.
The color is unique fot he UX330UA series because most come on silver… this one being on black.
Portability is more than decent with a weight of about 1.2kg and a battery life of up to 6 hours or more.
The CPU powering this model is an i7 with two cores and a low power usage. It’s a model from the 7th generation named i7-7500U… the U suffix meaning that the CPU has a low voltage.


Does not come with an optical drive. This has its advantages because the laptop has a smaller weight without it. Programs can be installed from the web, external ODD and USB sticks. If you plan to install another OS than you should use an USB 3.0 stick because it’s the safest and easiest way.


If you’re interested in a laptop that looks good, has good screen and great performance than this model would be my recommendation.
From the below preview you can see how this model looks like. In the clip being the silver model with different configuration.

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