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Asus X751NA-D21Q

Asus X751NA-D21Q is a 17.3 inch laptop from the X-series and because it has Pentium N4200 and 8GB of RAM I would recommend it for those interested a model for office and multimedia tasks. Because of the big HD+ screen you can watch HD and Full HD movies with almost no quality loss.
Also, because of the good hardware I could say that it’s a decent desktop replacement suitable for a student or somebody who wants a laptop for home.

Asus X751NA-D21Q

This X751NA model has a decent price. The components are as new as they can be and because of that we have a very good portability… more on that below.


On the portability side this model has a battery that can last up to 4-5 hours and the weight of the model is about 2.7kg. Keep in mind that this laptop is a 17 inch one.
The processor powering this modes is an quad core Pentium N4200 and because of that we have aprox the same performance of other Pentiums but at a lower power consumption.
Because it comes with Windows 10 Home pre-installed we can use it from the first time we get it. Others will want to install 7 or another OS, but I recommend that you stick with this one because it’s the best.


Screen resolution could have been 1080p and the panel IPS. With thing like that movies would have looked better on it.
The processor is good but I don’t have anything against an i5 or i7.


If you’re interested in a device that looks good and has decent performance in various tasks than this Asus X-Series X751NA-D21Q would be my recommendation.
From the below clip you can see how it looks like and what can be done with it. And if you’re interested in upgrading the laptop with more RAM than I suggest against it because it’s better to mount an SSD for additional speed.

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