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Asus X553SA-XX236T

ASUS X553SA-XX236T is a red laptop with the newest technology and Windows 10 pre-installed. The processor powering this laptop is a Pentium N3700 with 4 cores and Turbo. This processor has a built in graphics chip named Intel HD. As the name says about the chip it’s good for HD movies and not so complicated games.

Asus X553SA-XX236T

It has a good price and we get a laptop with new tech and Windows 10. Some may want to install Windows 7 but I don’t recommend it since the manufacturer provides drivers for the newest OS.
I don’t know if you can see from the below image, but is has only a long hinge and I like it very much. Older models have two hinges.


If you like a laptop on red than it’s hard to find. Because of that it could be a great gift for you or your partner.
The main chip – Intel Pentium N3700 – is one with a clockspeed of 1,6 Ghz but with Turbo it gets to 2.4 Ghz. So, the portability is the best because the laptop goes to 2.4 Ghz only when you need more processing power. It’s better than older Pentium or i3 because in benchmarks it has 1873 points.
You can use it for business purposes and install programs from DVDs because of the DVDRW drive.
The storage capacity is a good one because it has a HDD with 1TB of space. It’s not a SSD but it is good.


If you like games than you should know that the graphics card is not with dedicated memory, but uses from the 8GB.
Has no Solid State Drive but you have 2 choices: 1. with a HDD caddy you can install one instead of the optical drive or 2. you can replace the HDD with it.


The X553SA-XX236T model is a new one for those interested in a good and stable notebook. Asus laptop have the best fiability and warranty and because of this I own two of these.
I posted the below clip so that you can see how it looks like and should know that the one in this article is a red one event the one in the clip is black.

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