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Asus X542BA-GQ001T

A laptops such as this Asus X542BA-GQ001T is for those with a budget below 400 pound that want a laptop for office and multimedia tasks. it can handle everything you can throw at it because of the AMD A9-9420 processor with 2 cores (it’s an equivalent of i3) and the integrated Radeon R5 graphics chip.

Asus X542BA-GQ001T


Portability of this laptop is very good with a battery life that lasts up to 8 hours (according to the manufacturer, but 3-4 hours would be a more realistic value) and a weight that is about 2kg. This is possible because of the DDR4 RAM that consumes less than DDR3 and the other special optimized components.
The screen of this laptop is one with 15.6 inches and with a resolution of 1366×768 pixel. Because of that you can see movies without any quality loss.. if we’re talking about HD ones.
On the memory part it has 4GB of RAM and a hard drive of 1TB. You don’t need more but instead of the HDD it could had an SSD.


The screen could have a FHD resolution so that you can watch Netflix with no quality loss. But, if you want to watch movies at a better resolution than you can connect an external screen (monitor or TV).
Also, if you plan to install ore RAM than I would recommend you to install an SSD because it will accelerate everything. I don’t understand why they don’t mount Solid State Drives in all new PCs.
Does not come with Windows so that the price is as low as possible. Because of that I recommend you to install Windows 10.


Asus X542BA-GQ001T is a laptop for home use. It has the reliability you need an because of that it will work like in the first day even after 7-8 years. The keyboard is very easy to use being a chiclet one with smooth keys.

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