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Asus X541UA-GO726T

Asus X541UA-GO726T is a Vivobook laptop powered by an i5-7200U processor, 8GB of RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 620. It’s a laptop to be used for home or multimedia tasks like movies, simple games (processor based ones like CS Go) and web surfing.

Asus X541UA-GO726T

It comes at a very good price. For the money we get a device with great portability because of the 2kg weight and the battery that lasts up to 6 hours.


It has an i5-7200U processor that has two cores an a low voltage form maximum performance and minimum battery footprint/
The screen is a 15.6 inches one with HD resolution so that you can see movies without any quality loss. If you want to see movies at a bigger resolution than you can use an external monitor or TV. Asus packed a technology nmed Asus Eye Care that filters blue light so that your eyes are protected.
The OS is Windows 10 Home an because of it we have the best security and productivity. In my opinion the Operating System from Microsoft has the most programs compared to Mac or Linux.
You can connect the PC to the net via wireless ac or via LAN. The best way would be by wireless because you don’t use any cables but a router will be needed.


LAN is not Gigabit, because it’s only 10/100.
The screen resolution is not 1080p (Full HD) so that you can see Blu-ray movies without any quality loss.
For storage it uses a big HDD drive with a capacity of 1TB, and I would liked to see an SSD drive because it’s 10 times faster than a HDD.
It does not come with a better processor, but if you want something better than there is an i7 variant.


The laptop Asus X541UA-GO726T Vivobook is one with good specs and built quality. If you want to see how it looks like than a preview is below.

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