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Asus X540UA-GQ170T

Asus X540UA-GQ170T is a Vivobook 15 laptop with an i7-7500U processor from the Kaby Lake series and has 8GB of RAM memory. Because of the specs it’s a laptop for home use. It is perfect for HD movies, music, browsing the Internet and office documents.

Asus X540UA-GQ170T

This Asus has a good price and for the money we get a device with Windows 10 (pre-installed), lots of RAM and a more then decent screen. If for some reason you don’t like this configuration than here you can find other.


The screen of this Asus X540UA-GQ170T is one with 1366×768 pixel resolution, matte display (anti glare) and decent viewing angles.
Having an dual core i7 processor you get all the power you need in games but also it does not consume too much battery. The U suffix at the processor code says that it’s a power efficient CPU.
So, battery lasts about 4 hours. To this contributes not only the CPU, but the memory (DDR4 memory uses less power than DDR3) and the screen (it’s made out of LEDs).
It can download (from the net) at high speeds because it has good wireless and LAN cards. Most people will connect the laptop to the net via wi-fi.


The screen resolution is not 1080p or 4K and the panel is TN (not IPS). But, you can connect the notebook to an external monitor to see movies on it at a better resolution and quality.
It has no discrete graphics (graphics chip with dedicated memory) and because of this it is not suited for gaming.
Portability is so so because the weight is about 2 kg and the battery lasts about 3-4 hours. Keep in mind that this model is not an ultrabook.


A laptop like this Vivobook is for those who want a multimedia/office PC for home use.
For a better look I posted a video preview of this model. The laptop from the clip is one with similar components.

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