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Asus X540UA-GQ165T

Asus X540UA-GQ165T is a Vivobook 15 laptop with i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and Windows 10. Because of the integrated components this model is suitable for office and multimedia tasks.
I recommend this notebook for school or home use, but it could also be used as a workstation for somebody with not so many demands.

Asus X540UA-GQ165T

This laptop has a good price. For the money we get a device with pre-installed Windows, lots of RAM and a good screen. If for some reason the configuration does not suit you than here are some other configs.


It has a good screen with 15,6 inch diagonal, HD resolution and matte (anti-glare) feature. Another good thing that this display has is that it has a blue light filter (Eye Care).
The processor powering this laptop is an i5 Kaby Lake (i5 7200U) with Intel HD video graphics. Because of the US suffix this processor is a low voltage one and has a good effect on portability.
On the memory side this laptop has 4GB of RAM and a big 1TB hard drive.
Portability is more than decent, the battery lasting about 3-4 hours and the weight being 2 kg.
The Operating System is Windows 10 and it’s a very good one because it’s new and very easy to use in comparison with Windows 7 and 8.1.


Has no dedicated (discrete) graphics card. The Intel one is integrated. If it had dedicated memory for the graphics chip it could have been better for games.
Resolution could be better, for example 1080p… so that Blu-ray movies could be played without any quality loss.
The device has no SSD. Such a component is a better alternative to the HDD. Such components you can find here.


A Vivobook 15 laptop like the Asus X540UA-GQ165T is for people interested in a slim 15.6 inch laptop with good performance and portability. Don’t get me wrong, portability is not the best but it’s decent.
From the below clip you can see how this model looks like.

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