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Asus X540UA-GQ024T

The Asus X540UA-GQ024T laptop is a 15.6 inch one with HD Ready display, i5 processor and Windows 10 64 bit. Such a laptop is excellent for multimedia and office tasks. So, I recommend it for home use (for movies, documents editing, listening to music and browsing the web).

Asus X540UA-GQ024T

It has a decent price. And, if you want something cheaper than you could choose the 4GB model from here. From the below image you can see that it has a design like all the other X540 laptops.


The RAM size of this laptop is 8GB and because of this all tasks will run fluent. It has integrated graphics chip that uses this RAM and if it had 4GB than the system usable memory would have been less… 2-3GB depending on the tasks.
This model has i5 7200U processor that scores about 4671 points in benchmarks. It’s a model with two cores and Intel HD integrated graphics.
When watching movies the quality is very good because of the HD display with Asus Eye Care (a technology that filters the blue light).


The graphics card is not a dedicated one and because of that the notebook PC is not suited for demanding games.
It does not have a 1080p display with IPS panel, but you can connect to it an HDTV or monitor to see movies at a better quality.


Asus X540UA-GQ024T is a laptop for those interested for a desktop replacement to be used for surfing the web, work or school stuff. It’s not a model with quad core processor or SSD, but it’s a laptop for everyone’s budget.
About the manufacturer (Asus) you must know that’s one of the best in the world and people say that their products have good performance and reliability. With a laptop from Asus you will notice that it will work as in the first day even after 3+ years.
From the below video preview you can see better how this laptop looks like.

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