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Asus X540NA-GQ232T, 15.6 inch HD laptop

Looking for a cheap laptop but with enough space for movies, music and pictures? The Asus X540NA-GQ232T has a 1TB hard drive with decent performance, but performance differs if you compare it to other types of storage (eMMC or SSD). Features are great for such an accessible laptop, reason why you can connect any wireless peripherals and even a USB 3.0 stick. Most laptops in the market come with Windows 10 to be more attractive and they can be used immediately, do not waste time with its installation.

Asus X540NA-GQ232T, 15.6 inch HD laptop


I like multi core processors because they offer significantly higher performance and there are not many processors with two cores. The Core i3 models are acceptable, but Celeron can be avoided because they are the cheapest ones on the market. They perform better with Linux or Endless OS, but why would you make such a compromise?

You can consider a more expensive laptop if you want it for several years and you do not want to upgrade anything to it. Its screen is the one known on many other laptops, and some series come with a different screen, that means more details due tot he larger resolution. RAM memory is enough in my opinion and only gaming or multimedia laptops need at least 8GB. Connectivity is no longer a problem for new laptops, so you can use any peripheral with it. I’m even talking about wireless technologies – WiFi and Bluetooth.


Some applications require a slightly higher processing speed, so even if you put a SSD it will start faster but won’t process faster. Laptops can’t be upgraded like PCs because most components are integrated on the motherboard.


Asus X540NA-GQ232T addresses young people and not only, it performs well with the current configuration if you don’t use it for heavy duties. It’s a series that has been available for a while on the market and has received some improvements over time (faster USB port, better wireless technologies, more efficient components, lighter build, smaller price).

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