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Asus X540NA-GQ074T, laptop with Celeron N3350U

Asus X540NA-GQ074T is an office laptop for people with a very tight budget that want a device to surf the web on. Being powered by the Celeron N3350 processor we get a device that can play HD movies and you can even play not so complicated games (like the browser based ones).

Asus X540NA-GQ074T, laptop with Celeron N3350U


Does not cost much at all because of the dual core Celeron N3350U, HD resolution and decent specs.
Portability is excelent with a small (2kg) weight and a battery life that might last up to 4 hours. The battery life depends on what you do on it and the power plan.
On the memory part it comes with 4GB and a hard drive of 1TB space. You don’t need more RAM, but there might helped a SSD.
For software it has Windows 10 and this is good because we can get online very fast. This version of Windows is safe and easy to use.
The display is a 15.6 inch diagonal one with HD resolution and TN panel. because of that movies with HD resolution will be displayed without any quality loss. Having anti-glare finish it is good for people who want to use it all day long. Anti-glare


The processor that equips this laptop could have been a better one – an i3 or Pentium one. If it were a quad core than it would have been even better. (There are some derivations of the GQ074T laptop like a model with Pentium N4200 processor, only 500GB of internal storage and Intel HD graphics.)


If you need a laptop for not so demanding tasks than a model like the Asus X540NA-GQ074T would be my recommendation.
It would be perfect for a student or for someone that does office tasks… a lot. You don’t need more power for surfing the web and editing of documents.

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