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Asus X441UA-WX201T

Asus X441UA-WX201T is a small 14 inch laptop for people interested in a device with great portability and performance. The processor powering this device is an i3-6006U and because of the 4GB of RAM everything will run fluent.
I think this makes a great laptop for school or home use and more details are below.

Asus X441UA-WX201T

It has a good price and for this price we get a device that looks more than great and has very good portability. If you have a tight budget than you can choose the model with Celeron, but its performance is low.


This model is powered by an i3-6006U processor. It has HD graphics integrated and because of that it can play HD and Full HD movies.
On the RAM side it has 4GB of storage. It’s more than enough because we talk about DDR4 memory that has a lower voltage than DDR3 RAM.
If it where to talk about storage than I must say that it has a big 1TB hard drive for the OS, movies and pictures.
In the portability side everything is more than ok because the weight is 1.7kg and battery can last up to 4-5 hours. This is achieved by not integrating a DVD drive and by using low power components (CPU, RAM, integrated graphics).


It does not have an SSD. Such a component replaces the HDD and is better because it has low power consumption, low weight and is up to 10 times faster than a hard drive. This all means better portability and response time of everything (OS, apps, start, shutdown etc).
The screen resolution could have been FHD. This means that you could watch 1080p movies with no quality loss.


Laptops such as Asus X441UA-WX201T are for those who need something they can rely on. Its case is made from very good materials and the i3 processor is very good (perfect balance between performance and power usage).

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