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Asus X441SA-WX152T

For those interested in a medium size laptop I recommend Asus X441SA-WX152T. It’s a model with a 14 inch diagonal, Celeron N3060 processor and Windows 10 pre-installed. Such a laptop is for office tasks like browsing the web, listening to music and watching HD movies.

Asus X441SA-WX152T

It has a price that is more than good. The specs are decent, and if you want something with a better processor than I recommend you the model with i3 because it’s much faster.


The Asus X441SA-WX152T laptop comes with a good 14 inch display that has HD resolution (1366×768 pixel) and decent viewing angles.
On the memory side it has 4GB of RAM memory and a 1TB (1000GB) hard drive. For this configuration you don’t need more memory.
Graphics is decent, this model having an HD graphics card model Intel 400. It’s an integrated model that can run HD movies.
For installing additional software it has an ODD (DVD), but it’s faster to install software from the net.
The Operating System is Windows 10 and in my opinion it’s the best OS available. It is easy to use and secure. I recommend that you stick with it.


The processor could be a better one with 4 cores. a better alternative is this one, but it costs more. In my opinion, for web surfing and similar tasks you don’t need more than a Celeron.


If you’re interested in a laptop for home, school or university than this X441SA-WX152T would be more than good. But if you need something for business or professional use than you should choose an expensive alternative.
It looks great and this can be seen from the preview below.

About the Asus brand you must know that it’s an Asian one, its products are preferred because they are more reliable and cost less. This brand is known for its office laptops, gaming laptops, pc components and monitors. By choosing a device from them you won’t regret.

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