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Asus X441NA-GA115T

Asus X441NA-GA115T is a new laptop powered by a Pentium N4200 quad core processor. This processor has a cockspeed of 1.1 Ghz but has 4 cores and Turbo Speed upt to 2.5 Ghz.
Because of this CPU we can sa that the laptop is one suitable for ofice tasks including web surfing, movies and listening to music. Compared to other laptops that have older Pentium processors this one has a better portability… the battery lasting up to 5-6 hours.

Asus X441NA-GA115T

It has a good price and for this money we get a reliable device. About the ASUS brand you should know that it makes very good laptops and because of this they are on the top of the list when buying a new laptop.
From the below image you can see that the design is one from the X441 series – grey with black.


The Asus X441NA-GA115T laptop is one with a very good portability because it has a 1.75 kg weight and a battery that can last up to 6 hours. This is possible because of the low power LED screen, low voltage Pentium processor and other optimizations.
Internet is very fast on this model because it has fast LAN card, wireless ac (dual band) and a quad core processor.
The processor is a Pentium N4200 and the cores don’t impact the performance, but the power usage… in a good way.
On the display part I must say that it has a good HD screen with 1366×768 pixel resolution.
Has ODD… meaning that you can use DVDs and CDs.


The graphics card is one integrated in the CPU and does not have dedicated memory, Because of that this laptop isn’t suitable for games.
Resolution could have been 1080p or even bigger so that we don’t have any quality loss when watching movies.


If you’re in search of a simple laptop that has the main features of being very portable and with good performance than this Vivbook 14 would be great for you. If the laptop is no more in stock than you should see here for alternatives.

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