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Asus VivoBook X540SA-XX257T

The ASUS VivoBook X540SA-XX257T notebook PC comes with a good configuration and portability. The processor powering this model is a Celeron N3050 and the battery life is about 4-5 hours depending on what you do on it.
I recommend this laptop for office tasks (Internet browsing, listening to music, HD movies and editing documents). Games will work, but only the simple ones like the ones playable in the browser.

Asus VivoBook X540SA-XX257T

It has a price, and for this money we get a device that looks great and has good specs. This model is silver as you can see from the below image and if you want one with a special color then there is a red one.


The screen is a big 15.6 inch one with HD resolution (1366×768 pixel) and because of that you can see HD movies without any quality loss.
The RAM memory is 8GB and because of this everything will run fluent. In my opinion, 4GB is sufficient and 8GB is future proof.
Because of the pre-installed OS you can use it from the first moment to go online. The OS is Windows 10 an if you don’t like it than you can install Linux from a DVD or USB stick.


The performance of the processor is not so good because it scores below 1000 points in benchmark. So, if you want something better than I would recommend something with Pentium processor like the X540SA-XX345T.
The DVD optical drive adds weight and has no use. Nowadays you can install everything from the Internet or a USB drive.
The network is 10/100, but with this processor you can’t download at Gigabit speed. So, a 10/100/1000 network card would make no sense.


ASUS X540SA-XX257T is a VivoBook notebook from the new generation for those interested in a cheap laptop with good reliability. Most people choose laptops from this brand because of the good prices and because of the new hardware they have.
From the below clip you can see how it looks like.

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