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Asus VivoBook X510UA-EJ1227T, Full HD laptop with modern finish

This Asus VivoBook X510UA-EJ1227T is a laptop that came out this year and features a quad-core i5 processor, Full HD screen, 16GB Optane memory and a large 1TB storage drive. It looks pretty much like the S510 of the same brand and weights the same – 1.7 kg. This laptop is a good example that a brand can put a 15 inch screen on an ultraportable laptop. It is a little cheaper than an ultrabook but the differences are few between them.

Asus VivoBook X510UA-EJ1227T, Full HD laptop with modern finish


The 1080p screen is large enough to watch a movie or even for web browsing. It has an anti-glare protection will not be reflected. The processor is a new model with enough processing power to run anything. This is the 4-core i5-8250U processor and the Intel UHD graphics chip. As a novelty for 2018, we see an Optane memory from Intel which is a M.2 SSD with decent performance, but with few memory.

Battery life is great for most office laptops and can reach even 10 hours. It was possible to obtain such a reduced weight because they did not mount an optical unit, the edges of the screen are thinner and the casing is made of low-weight materials. On it sides we see only USB 3.0 ports that are great because the transfer speed is high.


The optical drive is missing because it is not necessary today (low transfer speed). If you want to install something then you can use an USB stick with 3.0 interface or you download it directly from the internet.


Asus VivoBook X510UA-EJ1227T has even a preinstalled OS and it can be noticed from its name (the T at the end suggests that it is Windows 10). The 1TB HDD is great for those who really need a lot of space. For an additional £100, you can choose a version with better performance because it uses the new Core i7. A CPU with additional cores is more efficient and offers a great user experience even in games (if there is a dedicated CPU).

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