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Asus Vivobook X407UA-EB322T, model with i5-8250U

Asus Vivobook X407UA-EB322T is the laptop for those interested in doing more on a laptop because of the i5 processor and the 8GB of RAM. It’s a multimedia laptop with integrated graphics and SSD.
A notebook PC like this one is good for people that need a device with good battery and performance in many tasks.

Asus Vivobook X407UA-EB322T, model with i5-8250U


The display of this notebook is one with a diagonal of 14 inches and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Other models from the X407 series have screens with HD resolution.
On the ports part everything is great with 2 USB ports, wireless ac, bluetooth and HDMI. Some might wanted more USB ports, but it’s not a mobile workstation.
RAM is more than enough with a capacity of 8GB. You can add up to 16GB if you need more.
On the storage part it comes with 256GB of space on an SSD. Such drives are much better than HDDs because they are faster (up to 5-10 times).
The processor (CPU) is the most important component in a device and this Asus Vivobook X407UA-EB322T has the best – an i5-8250U.


The graphics chip does not have dedicated memory. A GTX 1050 graphics chip from Nvidia would have been better, but Intel UHD is decent. Something with decent graphics and a bigger screen is this laptop.


If you’re in need of a laptop that looks good, has great performance and decent portability that this Asus Vivobook 14 would be great.
Battery lasts up to 4 hours (or even more depending on what you do on it) an the weight is 1.5kg.
As mentioned above, the laptop can be upgraded with more memory (RAM and storage), but this is not needed… yet.
About gaming on a laptop like this you should know that CS GO and other games that aren’t demanding work nice on this model.
It could be considered a desktop replacement because of the hardware and if you need a bigger screen than you must know that you can connect an external monitor/TV to it.

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