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Asus Vivobook X407UA-BV420T, office laptop with i3-7020U

If you’re interested in buying an office laptop than I recommend you the Asus Vivobook X407UA-BV420T. It’s a 14 inch laptop with i3 processor and a small weight of about 1.6 kg. A laptop like this one can be used for web browsing, not so complicated games and watching movies.

Asus Vivobook X407UA-BV420T, office laptop with i3-7020U


A laptop such as this Asus X407UA-BV420T has a good screen because we’re talking about one with a diagonal of 14 inches and a resolution of 1366×768 pixels.
Memory is decent with 4 GB of RAM type DDR4 and a storage of 256GB (SSD). Solid State Drives are up to 10 times faster than standard storage (HDDs) and because of that the laptop will boot faster.
On the connectivity part we have wireless n, bluetooth, 2 USB ports and one HDMI.
You can use this laptop from the first time you get it because it has Windows pre-installed. I’m talking about Windows 10.
It can be upgraded with better memory and a bigger storage.
The graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 620 with no dedicated memory. It’s a decent graphics chip integrated in the processor.


The i3-7020U processor is not a quad core one, but it scores 3554 points in cpubenchmark. If you want something with 4 cores than I recommend you this model.
It does not have dedicated memory for the graphics card.


There are many Asus laptops but this one is perfect for people interested in something fast and with good portability. I did not say about the battery that it can last up to 4 hours or even more depending on what you do on it.
Such a laptop would be good for home, school and work. If you want to see movies at a bigger size than you can connect a HDTV at the HDMI.
Another good thing that I forgot to mention is that the battery charges up to 60 percent in about 40-50 minutes. And, the battery lasts up to 3 times more than other Asus laptops.

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