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Asus VivoBook E406SA-BV004TS, 14 inch HD NanoEdge laptop

A portable gadget is this Asus VivoBook E406SA-BV004TS that is not an ultraboook, but it’s an attractive laptop in most ways. It weights only 1.3 kg and has a really thin design. Such a laptop can be taken anywhere because it can fit in any backpack or bag, and you will not even realize that you have it (light design). WiFi ac is a great due tot its high transfer speed and you can give up the LAN cable, of course, it depends were you put the router or from where you get the signal.

Asus VivoBook E406SA-BV004TS, 14 inch HD NanoEdge laptop


Its processor is present on many laptops because it is a cheap model with decent specs. For a higher price you can find laptops with Intel Pentium or Core i3 processor. There is no need for a dedicated GPU because the integrated GPU can run any movie or video on stream.

This laptop is designed for students, reason why you get Windows 10 S with Office 365. It has enough RAM memory for nowadays applications and the screen offers a HD imagine with decent details and contrast. Ports are important to any gadget especially if it has Windows on it, so you can use any peripheral you want, even a wireless one. It doesn’t need a DDR4 memory or a HDD because you need more battery life, a cheaper laptop and most data is online (you won’t store much data on it). External drives are great if you got a gadget with USB 3.0 ports.


It doesn’t come with the numeric keyboard and the optical drive, both are useless because USB port are much faster and you probably don’t use laptop to calculate something (a pocket calculator is more practical).


Asus E406SA-BV004TS dThis kind of laptop is not very popular because most users prefer bigger screens, but I think you will find it very useful if you don’t use a PC for daily tasks. There are even smaller laptops but they don’t have the same specs and those features are very important for a desktop replacement.

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