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Asus VivoBook E402BA-GA003T, laptop with good portability

Asus VivoBook E402BA-GA003T is a new laptop powered by an AMD processor (equivalent to Pentium/i3 according to the benchmark of 2257 points) and 4GB of RAM. The 14.1 inch screen makes the laptop very portable with a weight of about 1.65 kg. Also you must know about the battery that it’s one that can last up to 11 hours.

Asus VivoBook E402BA-GA003T, laptop with good portability


The processor powering the device is an A9-9400 with two cores and Radeon R5 graphics. It’s a good one that can handle office and multimedia tasks. (It’s nice to see alternatives from AMD because they are as god as the chops from Intel, but cheaper.)
RAM is good because of the fact that it has 4GB of RAM. Also, on the storage part it comes with a big SSD that has a capacity of 128GB.
On the software side it has Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. This laptop coming with Windows means that itțs very productive and easy to use.
Having a display with a screen of 14 inches and HD Ready resolution (1366×768 pixels) means that the device is very good for movies (even HD ones from Netflix) and surfing the web.
As mentioned in the beginning this laptop has a good portability with a weight of about 1.7kg and battery that lasts up to 8-9 or more hours. Battery lifetime depends on things you do on the laptop… so, if you don’t use the Internet that it will last longer.


The device does not have any optical drive, but you can install another OS from USB sticks or things like it. (I recommend that you stick with the pre-installed Operating System).
Has a graphics chip but it’s not one with dedicated memory like the ones from Nvidia.


Laptops such as this Asus VivoBook E402BA-GA003T are for people in search for something cheap but with good hardware and portability. If you want something cheaper than you should go with this model.

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