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Asus UX490UAR-BE094T

Asus UX490UAR-BE094T is a ZenBook Deluxe 3 laptop/ultrabook for those interested in a device with good performance, looks and portability. It is powered by an i5-8200U series processor (model i5-8250U) that has 4 cores and integrated graphics chip (UHD model from Intel).
A laptop like this is perfect for business/processional use or for those interested for a powerful model at home.

Asus UX490UAR-BE094T

It has a good price. For this money we get a device that has a low weight (1.1 kg) and battery lasts up to 10 hours. And, we’re talking about a device with a 14 inch diagonal, not a netbook.


The screen of this model is a 14 inch one with 1080p resolution and nano edge. The last thing means that the bezel is very thin. It comes with a good viewing angles panel because we talk about an IPS model. The panel makes this notebook PC very good for movies, and if you want to see movies at a better quality or a bigger size than ou can connect and external screen (monitor, HDTV, projector etc).
On the processing part it stands very good because of the quad core i5 CPU from the 8th generation.
For storage this model uses SSD and so everything is fast. Also because SSD is a type of memory I must say that the laptop also has 8GB of RAM.


As I’ve read on the manufacturer site the screen is one glossy Gorilla Glass 5 coating one. I would have liked to see a matte one but I think this is not possible because some variations include touch screen (like the ZenBook Flip S).


This laptop model Asus UX490UAR-BE094T is for those interested in a device that looks good and has more than good performances.
How it looks like can be seen from the below preview. In my opinion this is the best looking laptop of 2018 and in terms of reliability it gets 5 from 5.

Some ask if this model is fanless and because of that I must say that it has one fan that works only sometimes.

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