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Asus UX490UAR-BE088T

Asus UX490UAR-BE088T is a new laptop from the ZenBook Deluxe 3 series that packs an i7 Kaby Lake R processor, Harman Kardon sound, 16GB of RAM and a very thin bezel (Nano-Edge Display). Such a laptop is for those interested in great portability and performance. For example, the battery lasts up to 6-7 hours and the weight is 1.1kg.

Asus UX490UAR-BE088T

This model has a good price and for the money we get one of the best ultrabooks available on the market. I don’t know if you can see from the below image but this laptop is one available on blue.


Asus UX490UAR-BE088T has a very good processor of type i7-8550U and it has a graphics chip integrated of type Intel HD.
The display is a medium sized one with perfect viewing angles and 1080p resolution. The diagonal is one of 14 inch and the bezel is very thin. It is as small as an 13.3 inch laptop but has a 14 inch diagonal… because of the thin bezel.
Ergonomy is excelent because we get a chiclet keyboard that’s illuminated, blue light filter (Eye Care) and a low weight.
It has much memory for those who use it for demanding tasks. But, if you want to buy a cheaper model than you should choose the 8GB/256GB model but you should know that it has i5 processor (still 4 core model).


The laptop has no discrete graphics card. The internal one is ok but one with dedicated memory would have been better. With a dedicated graphics card this laptop could have been better suited at video editing and demanding video tasks.


For those interested in a good laptop/ultrabook for home or professional use I recommend this Asus UX490UAR-BE088T. It’s easy to use, has good image and sound wualit and the componets are very new.
From the below clip you can see more info about this laptop. Also, the model from the below preview could have slight different components from the model presented in the above article.

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