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Asus TP203NA-BP038T, 11.6-inch touchscreen notebook

Convertible laptops are more and more numerous because users want a different interaction. The Asus TP203NA-BP038T is an affordable, efficient and well equipped model. This laptop is one of the cheapest convertible models on the market and it has modest specs. Even if you find bigger laptops with same or even better specs, you don’t get the same type of interaction. It can be used as a normal laptop or as a tablet because of it 360 degree hinges (those allow the screen to be fully folded).

Asus TP203NA-BP038T, 11.6-inch touchscreen notebook


The Celeron N3350 processor is also present on classic laptops, and works well on such models as well. This model uses an Intel video card to run video content and I would not use it for 3D games. Battery life is great because we are talking about a very efficient configuration. You don’t need to buy a laptop and a tablet, but a 2 in 1 type gadget is enough.

Few brand offer such a laptop but there are even more powerful solutions. Even though it is only 11.6 inch, the weight of this laptop is only 1.1 kg. All laptops come with pre-installed software and I’m talking about Windows 10 Home. I wouldn’t recommend a different OS on such a gadget and it can replace any old PC. For a better use experienced, you can try the 14 inch model with even better specs.


The only drawback of this laptop it the glossy finish of its screen. It can be disturbing when the surrounding light is very strong and reflects from it. This is a gadget that can not be upgraded, but you don’t need more performance for web browsing and office applications.


Asus TP203NA-BP038T comes with a decent screen panel because of the wide viewing angles. Picture quality is above average and you can’t complain. Since it will not be used for heavy tasks, you don’t need to spend more on a laptop. This laptop is more than enough, it looks better in reality than the presentation photos and you will not regret this choice.

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