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ASUS TP202NA-EH001T, Star Grey laptop

The ASUS TP202NA-EH001T laptop one of few affordable models that offer a generous SSD – M.2 512GB storage with NVMe support. It can be used even for small businesses because it offers decent performance, many ports, light-weight design and Windows 10 Pro software. With each generation, HDDs are replaced by faster drives or memories, a good choice is a SSD. From its name we can conclude that it is a touchscreen device and it has a small display – 11.5 inch diagonal.

ASUS TP202NA-EH001T, Star Grey laptop


Normally smaller laptops are more expensive than the 15-inch classic, well, here’s an exception. The eMMC is a bit faster than a classic hard drive, but a SSD is even better especially if it is a newer model. For extra storage space, you can consider an external storage drive with USB 3.0 interface.

Its hinges let you fold the screen so you can used the laptop as a tablet. From some pictures you can see this feature and the touch display is a great alternative to its touchpad even if you don’t have the right click function. The video card is integrated like on most laptops and is great for users who don’t want to run games or 3D applications. The processor is the most important component of any gadget, and consumption is influenced by it. It is a Celeron N3350 with two cores and other decent features. Can’t complain at this price tag and for its dimensions we can’t expect more.


Nothing to complain, but a Quad Core CPU would have been more appropriated. Otherwise, I really can not reproach something and I hope other series will use a SSD instead of the classic HDD. When you will use such a laptop, you’ll see the difference.


Few brands offers such a laptop at this price and the ASUS TP202NA-EH001T looks really well. The model above can replace a classic desktop or laptop if you do not need more performance or a larger screen. There are many pictures and video presentations with this series, so you can make an idea about it.

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