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Asus T102HA-GR036T

If you’re interested in buying a good 2 in 1 device than I recommend ASUS T102HA-GR036T. It’s a Transformer Mini tablet with 10.1 inch display.
It’s a device good for school and work. You can take notes very fast with the pen (it comes with a stylus).

Asus T102HA-GR036T

This tablet has a good price. I know that you saw in movies (Arrow etc) the Surface tablet from Microsoft and you always wanted it. Now you can have a better alternative (it has more features) at a good price. You should know that the 64GB model is cheaper but you should go with the 128GB model because Windows uses about 30 GB.

It comes with the x5-Z8350 processor from the Atom x5 series and in benchmarks it has about 1200 points. So we can say that it is a good alternative to Celeron. This Atom CPU is a quad core one so that it as great power efficiency.


The goods things are are the good portability, productivity and screen. It weights about 800g and the battery lasts for about 10 hours (it can last for about some days if you use it less). With this 10.1 inch gadget you have great productivity because of the pre-installed OS and of the keyboard (it can be attached and detached). The screen has HD resolution (1280×800 pixel) and a good panel with great viewing angles.

On the storage side this model has 128GB and if you want more storage than you can use a microSD card. Also you can use online storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

With the stylus you can draw or take notes in you favorite app (One Note, Evernote etc) and because of that this tablet is great for those that take many notes (students, reporters etc).

Final thoughts

So, if you’re in search for a 2 in 1 laptop than this ASUS T102HA-GR036T would be ok. As a note, it’s more tablet than laptop and should not be used primarily for movies because of the 10 inch screen.
Below you can see a preview of this device and what is included in the pack.

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