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Asus S510UQ-BQ204T

Asus S510UQ-BQ204T is a laptop from the VivoBook Slim series meaning that it’s an ultrabook like laptop with good performance in various tasks.
I recommend such a device for office and multimedia tasks because of the components. It’s very good for home or business use.

Asus S510UQ-BQ204T

It has a great price. For this we get a device with i7 processor, lots of RAM, discrete graphics and SSD storage.


Portability is very good, this model having a small weight (about 1.5kg) and the battery lasts up to 6 hours. This is because of the low power components (including the i7 U processor, the DDR4 RAM and the SSD).
For storage this device uses an 256GB Solid State Drive with very good response times so that all tasks are accelerated.
The device comes with software, meaning it has an Operating System. And, we’re talking about Windows 10 Home. (If you plan to install another OS than you should install it via an USB 3.0 stick).
Internet is fast on this laptop because it has dual band wi-fi. I recommend that you connect the laptop to the net via wireless, but for that you need a good router like the Archer C2.


It has a discrete graphics card, but it’s not a GTX one. It’s a GeForce 940MX one suitable for office/multimedia tasks.
Screen resolution is not 4K, but it’s 1080p so you can enjoy HD and Full HD movies without any quality loss.


Asus S510UQ-BQ204T is a very good laptop of this year. It is from the series Vivobook Slim or S15 and comes as an alternative to ultrabooks… having the best features from ultrabooks (small weight and long battery life) and laptops (performance and ergonomy).
At the beginning of 2018 there are some models with 8th gen Intel processors like this one. I recommend models with newer processors because they are more powerful, but they might cost more. But, if you want something not so expensive than you could go with the model from this article.

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