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Asus S4200UQ8250

Asus S4200UQ8250 is a golden laptop with features from ultrabooks. It integrates an i5-8250u CPU (quad core from the Kaby Lake R generation that scores 7520 points in benchmark). As ou might noticed from the code S4200UQ this notebook PC is one with a screen of 14 inches.
Because of the specs (more on that below) this laptop is very good for office and multimedia purposes.

Asus S4200UQ8250

It has a good price and for this money we get a good laptop for movies and browsing the web.

Strong points

The specs are very good because the laptop integrates an i5 quad core processor, dedicated (memory for the) graphics card (model 940MX with 2GB of memory), SSD and 8GB of DDR4 memory and many more.
It can be upgraded with more or better components. For example you can add up to 12GB of RAM or a bigger size SSD. In my opinion, you don’t need to upgrade it because it is strong enough for the moment.
The screen is a clear one because it has FHD resolution and technologies that enhance picture quality.
The portability is good because of the battery that lasts about 4 hours and the weight that is about 1,4 kg.

Weak points

Some would liked a longer battery life, but 3-6 hours is a good battery for such a laptop.


For those interested in a laptop for simple games and multimedia tasks I recommend this Asus S4200UQ8250.
It can be used from the first moment you get it because it has Windows preinstalled and because of that you can surf the Internet or maybe watch a movie. If you want to see movies on a bigger screen than you can connect an external monitor to the HDMI port.

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  • mario lucas

    some pros for this model are the windows 10 os, the small frame (hope in the future we’ll have bezel less laptops), the strong cpu (it is better than the previous generation i5 and i7) and the design (minimal like the one of the macbook).
    some cons are that the screen hasn’t a bigger resolution and that the ssd doesn’t have a bigger capacity.

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