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Asus VivoBook Slim S410UA-BV134T

Asus S410UA-BV134T is a VivoBook S14 model powered by a new generation i5 processor. It has a 14 inch diagonal, HD resolution and very good portability. Because of that such a laptop is recommended for someone in search for the best available performance and the best portability (weight is about 1.3kg and battery lasts up to 7 hours or more).
The lack of discrete graphics makes the laptop one that is very good for office tasks like browsing the web, HD movies and tasks like this.

Asus VivoBook Slim S410UA-BV134T

The price of this S410UA-BV134T laptop is a good one. For the money we get a device with a good screen (the screen has a small bezel) and good performance in various tasks.


The processor powering this Vivobook is an quad core i5-8250U that is very powerful. It has an integrated graphics card from Intel, and about it we must say that it has HD, Full HD and UHD capabilities. We talk about the UHD 620 graphics chip.
It has lots of RAM, better said a capacity of 8GB and because of this everything will run without hiccups.
On the OS side this PC has Windows 10, this being the best Operating System from Microsoft because it’s secure and easy to use.
If we talk about the display than we see that the device has a big 14 inch display with HD resolution and matte finish (anti glare).
Portability is decent because we talk about a weight below 2kg and the battery lasts about 7h.
On the storage part it has 512GB of space on a SSD. It’s a very big SSD and because of this it’s also fast.


The laptop has no dedicated video card (aka discrete graphics).
Another thing that I don’t like is that it has no FHD screen. SUch a scree would have been good for watching 1080p movies.


If you want a laptop for office or light multimedia tasks than this Asus Vivobook Slim S410UA-BV134T model would be more than great.
From the below clip you can see better how it looks like.

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