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Asus S410UA-BV125T

The Vivobook 14 model Asus S410UA-BV125T is a new generation laptop for those who need good portability and next level performance. It has the newest technology, including Windows 10 and a display with slim bezel.

Asus S410UA-BV125T

This S410UA model has a good price and for this money we get a device with a long lasting battery (manufacturer says it lasts about 9 hours) and good components (for example, the i5-8250U processor is one with 4 cores and with better performance than most i7 models from the previous generations). If you want something cheaper than you can go with a model that has i3.


The S410UA-BV125T laptop from Asus has an i5 processor that scores 7577 points in CPU benchmarks.
The screen resolution is ok – 1366×768 pixels (HD). Something special about the display is that it has nano-edge… meaning that the bezell is ver slim.
Very interesting about the screen is that it has a 14 diagonal but the footprint is of an 13.3 inch laptop. So, it has the size of a 13 inch laptop but a bigger 14 inch diagonal.
The ergonomics of this model is great because we talk about illuminated keyboard, blue light filter and other things that protect your eyes and help use the laptop in any condition.
RAM is good, the notebook PC having 8GB of DDR4. For storage it has an SSD with 128GB.
Having a small weight (1.4kg) ou can carry it everywhere you want without backpain or things like it.


It would have been nice to see an FHD or UHD screen. For seeing movies at a bigger diagonal you can connect an external monitor/TV to the laptop. (When connecting an HDTV because of the processor you can see even 1080p movies.)


If you’re looking for a good device alternative to an ultrabook than this S410 is my recommendation. The reliability of this Asus S410UA-BV125T laptop is very good because of the components used and of the construction.
From the below clip you can see more info on what it looks like.

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  • Amy

    I own a 14 inch VivoBook and must say that the performance is very good in any scenario. For home use you don’t need more.

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