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Asus RoG Zephyrus GX501VS-GZ058T, FHD 120 Hz screen gaming laptop

A laptop with a special screen is this Asus RoG Zephyrus GX501VS-GZ058T because there are few FullHD laptops with a 120 Hz refresh rate and G-Sync technology (sync the refresh rate according to the fps of the game). A larger laptop has more advanced hardware and you can see it easily. From what I’m seeing, it doesn’t need an upgrade and it is very compact for a high-end gaming laptop. You can see a different design on this laptop from the other RoG series. When you one the lid, you will discover a hidden vent that rises up 9 mm from the desk. So, it isn’t like a conventional ultrabook from the same brand.

Asus RoG Zephyrus GX501VS-GZ058T, FHD 120 Hz screen gaming laptop


Event the laptop doesn’t offer a zone for palm rest, you get a rubber palm rest for those who need it. I think this new design is much better than the conventional one and you will appreciate its portability (it weights only 2.2 kg). The i7 HQ processor seems to be the same and I do not think we will see a Kaby Lake R version specifically designed for gaming. These components are different from those on your PC, but they can be exceptions (some laptop use desktop CPUs). Other laptops can have even a different type of Kaby Lake CPU – the i7-7820HK. Performance is quite the sale because we are talking about the same series with 14 nm technology.


Taking into account that it is a mobile gadget running on battery or plugged in, efficiency is very important. Battery life isn’t so generous with gaming solution, but I think you’ll use it all the time connected to the power outlet for constant performance. Built-in speakers are great but for competitive games, I recommend a gaming headset.


Asus GX501VS-GZ058T has Windows 10 preinstalled and can be seen in its name (it has the T end), but I do not recommend older versions of it because of the drivers provided. It doesn’t have the latest video card on the market and it is a Max-Q version for lower running temperatures.

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