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Asus RoG Strix GL703VM-UH74 SCAR Edition

Asus RoG Strix GL703VM-UH74 SCAR Edition 17 is a special gaming laptop for those who like to play shooters. Its design is inspired by the SCAR weapon (a combat assault rifle).

Asus RoG Strix GL703VM-UH74 SCAR Edition

This GL703VM-UH74 Scar Edition has a good price. For the money we get a PC with i7 processor, VR ready graphics card and special keyboard (carbon fibre design for a military appearance).

Good things

The screen is an 17.3 inch model with 1080p resolution and 178 degree viewing angles (as any IPS panel). If you are interested in a model with a 15.6 inch screen then there is such a model – GL503VM-DB74.
It comes with a new generation Kaby Lake processor model i7-7700HQ with cores. This CPU has Turbo Boost so that the frecvency can go up to 3.8 GHz.
On the memory side everithing is ok, this GL703VM-UH74 having an SSD, Hybrid HDD and 16 GB of RAM memory.
The graphics card is very good because we’re talking about a GTX 1060 model with 6GB of RAM.

Not so good things

Weight is about 3kg and battery life is about 4 hours… so we can sa that the portability is so so. I must remind you that this is an 17 inch laptop.
It has Windows 10 S (student) preinstalled and I don’t understand why they did not install Home version or Pro.
Has no optical drive, but his is not so important because those days we can download games from Steam or other sites.


For those interested in a gaming PC from Asus, but who don’t want the standard RoG model I recommend this SCAR edition. This model comes in many configurations and because of that I recommend than you look at them here.

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  • Andy

    I think that 3 kg is a small weight for 17 inch notebook PC. Not to talk about the fact that this model is one for gaming.
    The components are as new as the can be and I’m interested in some benchmarks on playing 4K games… even if it makes no sense at the moment.

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