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Asus RoG Strix GL703GS-E5011T, 17.3 gaming model with i7-8750H

Asus RoG Strix GL703GS-E5011T is a laptop from the year 2018 that is powered by an i7-8750H processor, a screen with 144Hz and GTX 1070. Compared to the GL703GM it costs a little bit more because of the screen with a better refresh rate and of the better graphics card.
In 2018 I recommend to buy gaming laptops with Coffee Lake processors because they’re better than previous models.

Asus RoG Strix GL703GS-E5011T, 17.3 gaming model with i7-8750H


This laptop is powered by the 8th generation i7-8750H (about 20% faster than a i7-7700HQ) processor that not only has 6 cores but a higher frequency.
The display is one with a diagonal of 17.3 inches and 144Hz. The provided resolution of 1920×1080 pixels makes the laptop very good for Netflix movies and gaming at high resolution.
The RAM memory is 16GB (DDR4) because of the video card that has 8GB. I’m talking about the GTX 1070.
For storage it has a big SSD with 256GB of space and a HDD with 1TB. Usually the OS is instaled on the SSD and the programs (games etc) on the other drive.
I like the design that makes the laptop look like a racing car. This is most to the carbon finish look.
So that you can see the keys at night this laptop uses a good RGB keyboard. Because of the previous mentioned feature you can have different colors by region (of the keyboard).


The display has a response time of 7ms, this being because of the IPS panel. Still, you will have the advantage of sharp and fast images because of the other components.
It costs a little more than other models because of the screen with more Hz – 144Hz.


This Asus RoG Strix GL703GS-E5011T is a model that comes as a desktop replacement for those interested in a portable workstation or a laptop that can handle any game. Professional gamers use laptops like this one (e-Sports Scar edition)… this one being perfect for FPS games.
Also, I recommend that you choose a good mouse like the ASUS ROG Pugio because you can’t game so good on the touchpad.

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