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Asus RoG GL504GM-ES192T, 144 Hz Full HD slim bezel laptop

Gaming laptops have become more attractive and from what I see, the Asus RoG GL504GM-ES192T is a new model with great features. I recommend it to all gamers because it looks different and has great specs: the new i7-8750H, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB SSHD, GTX 1060 with 6GB memory. The Intel Core i7-8750H is a great Coffee Lake designed for heavy duties and power efficient. There is even a model with better GPU and the price difference is evident (£400 for the GTX 1070 and a bigger SSD).

Asus RoG GL504GM-ES192T, 144 Hz Full HD slim bezel laptop


The gaming experience is great on a 144 Hz screen and a 3 ms response time, especially with the G-Sync technology. The slimmer bezel screen can be noticed easy and all premium laptops feature a similar type of screen.

I can say that you can play any game with average details and enough framerate, but there are games that will run on even better details. As you know, some games use more CPU, but we do not have to neglect the rest of the components. Laptops support quite a lot of RAM even if they only have two slots, but no more than 16 GB is needed (very few games need 32GB RAM at some settings). It connects quickly to the internet and the transfer speed is quite high if you use a powerful wireless router.


Laptops designed for games and not only have components with higher energy consumption, therefore battery life is not so generous. Perhaps you will use it more on your desk, so it will be plugged in all the time. Even if its mush small than past series, it has the same weight – 2.4 kg, but you can’t complain with those specs. You still need an efficient cooling system with generous fans.


Along with this Asus GL504GM-ES192T, you will get a headset and a bag for travelling. Its construction is rigid and you’ll find plenty of side ports to connect to numerous peripherals. I appreciate such a laptop because it doesn’t require upgrades and it is a great alternative to a PC.

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