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Asus RoG G752VS-GC054T

ASUS ROG G752VS-GC054T is a laptop for those who like games and want a machine that can run any game at any quality.
It has the newest graphics card (GeForce 1070) and lots of RAM (32GB) so that you can play without local lag.

Asus RoG G752VS-GC054T

This model has a good price and for the money we get a PC with good hardware and good design. It is a model from the RoG series and if you want something cheaper than you must choose the Strix series or a model with a GTX980 graphics card.


The i7-6820HK processor is one with 4 cores and score about 9000 points in benchmark. You can see that this CPU model is one of the best
On the storage part we have an SSD and an HDD. The first one is for the OS and the second is for movies and pictures.
In the pack you get peripherals like mouse, headset and a backpack. Some merchants even offer game codes but it depends from where you buy it.
The wireless card is with ac support and because of that you can download at Gigabit speed from the Internet.


The portability is so so. (Weight is about 3.9 kg and battery lasts about 3 hours). G752VS is intended as a desktop replacement and because of this I think the portability is not a big deal.
This model has a big 17.3 inch screen but the resolution is only 1920×1080 pixel (FHD). So, if you play 4K games than t would be a great idea to connect the PC to a 4K monitor/TV.


If you want a laptop for games from Asus than you must choose between the Republic of Gamers series and the Strix one. The King is RoG, but if your budget is low than you must choose the second.
For some the VR Ready is a good thing but you must buy compatible glasses and if you need more info about this model than I recommend the below clip.

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