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Asus Rog G703GI-E5005R, best gaming laptop for now

There are many who search for the best gaming laptop an I think they have found it in Asus Rog G703GI-E5005R. It has the best components and some of them have been released this month. I talk about the i7-8750H processor with six cores that comes from the 8th generation.
It can be used for professional tasks too, and by professional I mean video editing, game development, programming etc.

Asus Rog G703GI-E5005R, best gaming laptop for now


It has the new i7 8750h processor. There might be versions with the i9 8950hk processor but they aren’t available yet. Because of the new CPU this laptop supports RAM with 2666MHz and a capacity up to 64GB.
The pre-installed memory is 32GB, and in my opinion you don’t need more. I think that 16GB could have been enough but it depends very much on what type of programs and tasks you run on it.
As a graphics card they built in the GTX 1080 with GB of GDDR5X video RAM. It’s the best video card that I’ve seen on laptops.
About the display you should know that it’s a piece of art with 1080p resolution, IPS panel, 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time.
On the I/O part it has many ports including the 4 USBs, HDMI 2.0, LAN, mini DisplayPort (mDP 1.4), LAN, card reader etc.


It’s kind of expensive, but there is this model that is cheaper because of the GTX 1070 graphics card.
Portability is not that great with a weight of about 4.7kg and a battery that does not last too much. Who buys a laptop like this uses it as a gaming machine and a small workstation (it takes very little space compared to a desktop).


Notebooks like the Asus Rog G703GI-E5005R are for the ones who like playing games or need a desktop replacement. I don’t think that you’ll ever find something much powerful than this model.
About the Asus brand you should know that it’s a very popular one because their laptops are reliable and have good components.

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