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Asus RoG G701VIK-GB043T

Asus RoG G701VIK-GB043T is a 17.3 inch laptop for games. It incorporates the best 7th gen processor from Intel i7-7820HK and the best graphics card from Nvidia – GTX 1080. Such a laptop is for enthusiasts and for those in need for the best laptop on the market.
It is suitable for gaming and also for demanding tasks such as CAD or video editing.

Asus RoG G701VIK-GB043T

This G701VIK laptop has a good price tag. For this money we get the best components on the market including the ones mentioned above and many more.


The G701V gaming laptop has a big 17.3 inch display with 4K resolution, IPS panel, matte display (anti glare), and G-Sync. Also it has 120Hz so that images display on the screen as fast as possible.
It comes with Intel’s best CPU – the i7-7820HK – that scores 10100 points in benchmark having 4 cores.
For everything to run smooth this model has planty of RAM, and I talk about 64GB of DDR4. Also, for storage this device has two SSDs with 512GB each. In total it has 1TB of storage space.
Having a 4K display you can play games at the highest resolution available. The screen is the best available on the market because of the IPS panel, 120Hz refresh rate and good viewing angles.


The temperatures are not high because it has a good cooling represented by two fans, but the noise level is kind of big.
Portability is not great – has about 4 kg in weight an battery life is decent.


A laptop from the G701 series like this G701VIK-GB043T is a solution for those interested in a desktop replacement or a gaming machine. There are other alternatives from this brand and those can be seen here.
A good video preview can be seen from below. Keep in mind that this model comes in many configurations an you should read on the sellers site about the specs of the model you want to buy.

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