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Asus P2540UA-XO0198T-OSS1

Asus P2540UA-XO0198T-OSS1 is one of the best laptops on the market because it’s made to last. It is build with new components including and i3 Kaby Lake processor, 4GB of RAM and a big 1TB hard drive. This laptop is from the ASUSPRO P and it’s mainly for professional use, but I have one and I use it at home.

Asus P2540UA-XO0198T-OSS1

It has a good price. Because the laptop is for pros it has 3 years warranty, but this depends on country and shop. If you’re interested in a better model or a different configuration than here you have other models from this series.

Good things

The CPU of this device is an i3-7100 with two cores and integrated Intel HD Graphics. This processor is one from the 7th generation named Kaby Lake. This CPU is so good that it scores about 5857 points in benchmarks.
It comes with Windows 10 an because of that you can start to use it from the first moment.
Memory is good, the notebook having 4GB of RAM and a big 1TB hard drive. For better response time in tasks I recommend using an SSD, but if you’re satisfied how fast the HDD is than you can stick with it.
On the display part it has a screen with a 15,6 inch diagonal, matte screen (anti glare) and HD resolution (1366×768 pixel).

Not so good things

The RAM memory could have been of a bigger capacity (8GB or more) because the graphics chip uses memory from the system.
The panel of the display is a TN one. So, viewing angles are decent. I would loved to see an IPS panel with 178/178 viewing angles.


If you need a robust laptop for home or professional use than this Asus P2540UA-XO0198T-OSS1 would be very good. I own a P series model and must say that it works very good because every component is hand picked.
The Asus brand needs no introduction because it’s one that makes very good components, latptops and monitors.

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